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FW series high speed friction welding machine

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General Desciption and Main Features

Friction welding refers to the thermal energy generated by the friction of the surfaces of the work-pieces,to make the end face

to a thermoplastic state, then quickly upsetting force and completing welding, it is pressure welding method.

Friction welding process usually consists of the following four steps: 1. Mechanical energy is converted into heat; 2. Material

plastic deformation; 3. Forging pressure under thermoplastic; 4. Intermolecular diffusion recrystallization.

Friction welding technology after years of development,there are many types of friction welding have been developed: inertia friction

welding, stir friction welding, radial friction welding, linear friction welding, friction stud welding, friction surfacing welding, third-body

friction welding, embedded friction welding and friction superposition welding, etc.

Main Advantages and Features

Compared to traditional fusion welding, friction welding has high quality of welded joints, high welding efficiency, stable quality, and can realize welding of dissimilar materials.

1.The welding accuracy of the joint is high, the quality is good, and the welding point can reach the same strength as the base material.

2.Stable, good consistency, friction welding defective rate is very low, is about 1% of the general welding method.

3.Suitable for welding dissimilar steels and dissimilar metals.

4.Low power, high efficiency and energy saving, compared with flash welding, the energy saving is about 80~90%.

5.The friction welding work site is hygienic, without sparks, arcs and harmful gases, which is conducive to environmental protection and

is suitable for use in automatic production lines together with other advanced metal processing methods.

Main Applications

Friction welding is highly valued by the manufacturing industry for its high-quality, high-efficiency, energy-saving and pollution-free

technical features. In particular, it has continuously developed new technologies for friction welding, making it suitable for high-tech fields such as aviation, aerospace, nuclear power and marine development, industrial sectors such as power, machinery manufacturing, oil

 drilling, and automobile manufacturing have become more and more widely used.

主要技术参数  Main Technical Parameters