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FNS-200KVA CNC Computerized Automatic Sink Welding Equipment

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Brief Introduction of Equipment and Main Principle

According to the characteristics of welding seam between sink bowl and sink drainer board are curve line at one flat area 2Dimensions(2D),the machine adopted the four servo motors,four-axis linkage,centralized controlling system,weld the sink bowl and drainer automatically.

To weld,firstly fix the workpiece by the vacuum chuck on the welding platform,get the position according to each feature edge of sink,then using the welding principle of resistance seam welding machine with the CNC system,

servo motor drive "Down Welding Platform moves left and right along the X linear axis,Up Welding Arm moves before and after along the Y linear axis,and Welding Head move up and down along the Z linear axis,Welding Electrode Roller rotate 360 degrees along the A rotation axis”,4-axis act at same time, in accordance with the program to realize full automation welding.

X Lenear Axle:Used for driving the workpiece and welding platform to move along the left and right direction reciprocatingly;

Y Lenear Axle:Used for driving the welding arm to move along the front and rear direction reciprocatingly;

Z Lenear Axle:Used for driving the welding head to move along the up and down direction reciprocatingly;

A Rotation Axle:Used for driving the up welding electrode roller to rotate on the 360 degrees of freedom.