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SGM-45MM Automatic Saw Blade Gear Grinding Machine

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Equipment Main Introduction

1.Bimetallic saw blade after use for some time, the teeth will become dull, If you continue to use it, the cut speed becomes lower and the quality of cutted product also becomes worse; second, it is easy to damage the sawtooth, In severe cases it will also crack the saw blade, so it is necessary to repair and grind the sawtooth in time, in order to ensure the cutting speed and quality,by this way the old saw blade will be reused, reducing waste of resources.

2.Automatic Saw Blade Gear Grinding Machine, mainly used for grinding the sawtooth shape on the saw blade, with fast speed and good quality. It greatly reduces the cost of saw blades and increases the service life of saw blades.

3.If grind and polish the teeth manually may destroy the original characteristics of the saw blade, which will cause the saw blade to sway, the relative cutting seam will also become more wide, and the concave and convex quantity of cutting plane is big, which will result in poor product quality.

The automatic saw blade gear grinding machine replaces the traditional manual grinding of the saw blade, can accurately process each tooth without destroying the original characteristics of the saw blade, ensures the cutting quality and increases the repeatable service life.And the qualified rate and efficiency are much higher than the manual grinding of the saw blade.

4.Compact structure, small size, light weight, can grind various tooth shapes, such as: 27, 34/41 and other types of variable tooth band saw blades, such as 3/4 tooth, 4/6 tooth, equal variable tooth and equal tooth saw blades.

5.This machine is easy to operate and widely used in mechanical processing, steel sawing, wood processing, saw blade grinding, and other industries.


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