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PCR-DC-70W Portable Type Plastic Car Bumper Crack Repairing Machine

Product description

Description and Features

The Plastic Car Bumper Crack Repairing Machine is an all-purpose, portable plastic welding kit for repairing not just automotive parts but also truck, motorcycle, spoilers, dashboards, headlight surrounds, furnitures,tool cabinets, tanks, tarps, liners, conveyor belts and marine body parts as well as other thermoplastic products of all types.

The heated staple easily penetrates the plastic part being repaired to provide structural strength. 

By the Car Bumper Plastic Welding System come with different shapes of the staples and nails, it can repair hard and flexible plastic, both outside and inside parts, bumpers, as well as all other plastic components.

Main Advantage

The advantages of the hot staple repair method are Inveter DC New Technology & Easy to Use & Fast to Repair.

Advanced Technology:Adopted with the DC Inverter Power Supply, compared to the AC Transformer Type, Small size, light weight and stable performance.

Easy to Use: Humanized design, no need to train, can learn how to use the Plastic Repair Machine in a few minutes.The repaired kit is very sturdy as just like new.

Wide Application: Nearly can repair all kinds of of the plastic product. Such as car and motorcycle plastic device, bumper, dashboard, lamp holder, plastic ring, radiator, spoiler, handles, headlights, plastic wings, and so on.

Rapid Heating: Quick and easy operation, can heat the staple fast with 1-2 seconds. Overheating protection and equipped with a light on the front of our plastic repair kit, the operation is more convenient and safe.

Main Specifications


Model Number


Rated Voltage

110V / 220V / 230V AC 50/60Hz

Rated Output Power


Plug Type

Type H, Type B, Type G, Type E, Type A

Input Power Cable Length

1.50m (4.9ft).

Machine Color

Blue or Black

Approval Certificate

CE(EMC,LVD),CCC, Available for COC, POVC

Net Weight

900G / 2LB

Gross Weight

900G / 2LB

Packing Dimension

280 * 185 * 45mm / 11 * 7.1 * 1.8in