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Automatic Grooving Machine

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Main performance and characteristics

Double head two station head automatic grooving machine is a new generation of automatic grooving machine for pipes developed and produced by our company with advanced technology.

1. Model: 4-head automatic notching machine

2. Machinable base pipe specification: DN25-DN300, 3-6 meters long and less than 8 mm thick;

3. The rated power of the equipment is 19KW;

4. Overall dimensions: 9m long * 6m wide * 2.5m high

5. Processing efficiency: two can be processed in about 30 seconds according to different pipe diameters;

Technological Process

1. The feeding motor drives the feeding plate to move the pipe from the material rack to the first predetermined long station;

2. Adjust the left and right preset length of the pipeline;

3. The chain translation mechanism moves the pipe to the first notching station for notching. The pipe is sent to the designated position of the notching head, the roller cylinder descends, and the head cylinder descends to the designated position; The motor drives the knurling wheel and the pipe to rotate together, and the oil cylinder continues to descend to complete the groove pressing. At the same time, the second group of pipes continue to be fed and fixed in length;

4. When the first station is finished, the chain translation mechanism runs, and the two pipes are moved to the second predetermined length station, while the second group of pipes are moved to the first pressure station for groove processing;

5. The chain translation mechanism operates to move the two pipes to the second groove pressing station;

6. Cyclic operation;