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Soilless Hydroponic Vegetable Machine

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Soilless cultivation refers to the cultivation method which uses water, peat or forest rotten leaf soil,vermiculite and other media as the base of plant roots to fix plants and plant roots can directly contact

nutrient solution. Hydraulic culture is a new soilless plant cultivation method, also known as nutrient solution culture. Its core is to directly infiltrate plant roots into nutrient solution. This nutrient solution

can replace soil, provide growth factors such as water, nutrient and oxygen to plants, so that plants can grow normally. This Soilless Hydroponic Vegetable Machine is very easy to assemble and use and

is designed for fast and convenient vegetable gardens. No experience required, ideal for beginners.

Food grade PVC-U makes the pipes lighter and more corrosion resistant. The water flow resistance in PVC-U water pipe is very small, so the nutrient solution can reach the plant root smoothly and is not easily blocked. It can be used indoors or outdoors. Vegetables can be grown at home, in gardens and offices. It is also equipped with a timing controller that allows you to set the time as needed. It is widely used and can be planted with vegetables, flowers and medicinal plants.

 Main Technical Parameters

Submersible PumpInput Voltage


External Dimension



Number OfHoles In Planter

36 pieces /32mm

Equipment Material


Pipe Diameter


Packing Dimension


Gross Weight