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“PalmTop” Series Portable Type Small Outdoor Battery DC ARC Welding Machine

Product description

Main Description

Portable Type Small Outdoor Battery DC ARC Welding Machine is a miniature electric welder with high quality and low price. Very small size, Very easy to carry and Very wide range of applications.


The input power supply 36v-72v (or 3-6 12V batteries in series) has the same power as the large welder, and the arc stability is better. The electric welder can work in dry environment without much requirement. It is widely used in various fields due to its compact size, simple operation, convenient use, fast speed and strong weld seam after welding.


It is especially practical for high-strength parts and can connect the same metal material (or different metal) instantly. The whole machine resists 138 degrees negative difference between high and low temperatures, and its body radiation is 90% of that of conventional electric welders. Even if frozen in ice, soaking in water will not affect normal welding at all. It is almost suitable for all industries as a convenient machine shared by the military and the civilian.

Main Technical Parameters


Input Power Type

Batteries, Lithium Batteries, Range Enhancers for Automotive Electric Vehicles

 Input Voltage

DC 36v-72v

External Dimension




Supporting Electrode Diameter


Supporting Electrode

Copper, aluminium, iron, stainless steel, etc.



It is widely used for fishing boat, electric vehicle maintenance, agricultural machinery, automobile maintenance, long-distance vehicle carrying, battery maintenance, outdoor operation, emergency rescue, electromechanical maintenance, etc.