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TBM-55MM Automatic Bandsaw Teeth Protecting Belt Capping Machine

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TBM-55MM Automatic Bandsaw Teeth Protecting Belt Capping Machine

Equipment Main Introduction

1.The bandsaw blade plastic guard belt and guard sleeve are mainly used for the protection of the saw blade teeth to maintain the sharpness of the saw teeth before using; The automatic saw blade guard belt assembly machine, also known as the bandsaw cassette machine, is mainly used for installing the plastic protection belt onto the sharp sawtooth automatically to protect the tooth.

2.It is suitable for various lengths and teeth shape of bandsaw, controlled by a meter counter autoamatically, with simple setting.

3.Clamping by cylinder and driving by motor, safety risk of manual operation is avoided.

4.The bandsaw blade plastic teeth guard is installed automatically according to the set length, and the running speed is adjusted stepless and arbitrarily by speed-regulating motor.

5.Automatic Bandsaw Teeth Protecting Belt Assembling Machine replaces traditional manual operations, greatly improving work efficiency and saving labor costs.

Main Technical Parameters


Motor Power

Bandsaw Blade Width

Assembling Speed

Size of Machine

Weight of Machine