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Automatic Clean Hand Machine

Product description

This fully automatic mobile phone washing does not require the use of paper towels, making hand washing easy, comfortable and interesting. In the process of washing, sterilizing and disinfecting, and blowing dry, a series of hand washing processes have been enjoyed like nobles.

Specific hand washing process and operation steps

  1. Put your hands in the phone to wash, rinse with water and moisten it
  2. Hand sanitizer and disinfectant cleaning and disinfection

3.   Wash your hands again with clean water

  1. The warm breeze dries and soothes your hands;

5.   Take out the hands that are washed and blown dry to complete the whole process of "washing hands" correctly.

In the follow-up, "Fully Automatic Foot Washing Machine", "Fully Automatic Tooth Brushing Machine", "Fully Automatic Bathing Machine", "Fully Automatic Shampoo", "Fully Automatic Barber Machine", and a series of "Fully Automatic Modern Life" will be launched in the future. "Electrical appliances make modern life simple and comfortable.

Main Technical Parameters:

1. Input voltage:220V 50Hz;  1700W

2. Size:50cm*48cm*104cm(L*W*H)

3. weight:30KG

4. Inlet size: 10MM;    Inlet water pressure range:0.2-0.4MPa

5. Outlet size:30MM;      Outlet water pressure range:Free flow without pressure

6. cyclic process:10---28S