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HRS-3.3KW Multi-function Induction Heating and Removing System

Product description

HRS-3.3KW Multi-function Induction Heating and Removing System is the powerful, versatile and safe equipment for removing all types of adhesives bonded to metal frame, remove various of materials that are glued on metal, all without the collateral damage in any car repairing and car disassemble process; also can be used to heat nuts and bolts that have rusted solid, release seized hardware from corrosion or thread locked compounds.

Main Applications and Accessories

1.Auto Glass Releaser

Particularly suitable for disassembling car windows that have been bonded using adhesive, but also for other bonded parts.

In automatic repairing shop it is mainly used for removing glass, sealant, structural glue, and so on.

2.Heating Off Pad

For removing adhesives, lables and stickers, body side moldings, emblems, sound pads, paint and under coatings, vapor barriers and vinyl graphics.

3.Nut and Bolt Heater

To heat nuts and bolts that have rusted solid, release seized hardware from corrosion or thread locked compounds.

  1. Dent Removal(Optional)

Work as the Auto Plate Body Dent Removal Equipment, to remove the soft dents by heating the panel behind the paint, relieving stress holding dents, thus reducing its size or eliminating it all together.

Features and Advantages

1.Saves on Labour Costs and allows to reuse the disassembled materials.

2.Multi-Function,select the different accessories with cable length more than 2.3m,the inductor can be used for removing glass,sticker,soft dent,releasing the nut,and so on.

3.High Performance Energy Efficient IGBT Inverter,better than Mosfet and AC technology.

4.Audible and Visual Power Indicators:Digital LCD Display and easy to adjust the power by dial control knob.

5.European CE and Protected by Patents.

Main Specification and Parameter


 Model No.


Input Power Supply

AC,110V / 220V / 240 / 380V / 420V, 50/60Hz

Input Current


Plug Type

Type H,Type B,Type G,Type E

Max Output Power


Working Frequency


Over Dimension


Net Weight


Shipping Weight