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BAS-100 Bandsaw Flash Butt Welding Machine

Product description

--------Welding Machine for All Kinds of Bandsaw Blades, Band Knives, High Carbon Steel Strip and Lower Carbon Steel Strip.


Main Descriptions and Advantages

1. Vertical hydraulic clamping cylinders, much more stable.

2. Pneumatic upsetting cylinder.

3. Automatic Thyristor annealing device with infrared thermometer which can set and control the annealing temperature. Annealing time and voltage is also adjustable.

4. Automatic butt welding and annealing process.

5. Computerized Automatic Welding and Annealing Controlling System which can set the welding current, upsetting force, welding time, and other welding parameters easily.


Main Technical Parameters

Paramaters and Model

BAS 100

Capacity at 50% Duty Cycle 50%


Metal Bandsaws (Bi-metall,Tungsten)

15-81mm, 0.591" - 3,189"

Wood-Cutting Bandsaws         

15-100mm, 0.591”- 3937"

Stainless Steel Bandsaws

15-50mm, 0.591"-1.969”

Bandknives for Leather, Foam

25-800mm ,0.984" - 3.150"

Steel Strip (Ordinary) Max Cross Section


Steel Strip Max Clamping Width


Net / Gross Weight 

600KG / 700KG

Packing Dimensions (L x W x H)