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Automatic Metal Timer Chicken Coop Door

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The Automatic metal chicken house door timer is merged with a timer mode with the manual mode.The timer mode is not only the entry and exit time that can be set up in accordance with the rules of the season, direction, and circle of chicken. The time to open the chicken house door and the chicken house door to achieve convenience and efficient results also protects your chickens and ducks and other poultry. Disables the invasion of weasels and other predators at night.

In addition, the chicken coop door timer is equipped with a high -definition LCD display. The time is set clearly and easy to set the time through the button below. You can clearly see the specific opening and closing chicken house time through this display.

The manual mode is the purpose of the switch through the form of hand pulling and hand pressure.

The automatic chicken gate is made of high-quality metal. It is durable, it is not easy to lose paint, no need to worry about rust and other problems, and uses a waterproof control box, so even in extreme weather of -15 ℉ to 140 ℉ (-26 ° C-60 degrees Celsius).Can stabilize work under extremely weather.

Chicken coop door uses 3 AA batteries (shipments do not include batteries), and do not need to be connected and wiring to reduce the risk of damage.

The battery power of the automatic chicken house door of the timing switch does not require complicated wiring. Just install the battery in the correct position. As a high -quality chicken house, it brings convenience to your poultry life!