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PCR-AC-70W Portable Type Plastic Car Bumper Crack Repairing Machine

Product description

Description and Features:

The Plastic Car Bumper Crack Repairing Machine is an all-purpose, portable plastic welding kit for repairing not just automotive parts but also to repair at least 98% of the plastics on the market, such as trucks, motorcycles, spoilers. dashboards, lamp housings, furniture, toolbox, tank, plastic wings, waterproof cloths, pads, conveyor belts and hull parts, as well as other thermoplastic products.

When the welding nail is heated, it is easy to penetrate the plastic parts that need to be repaired, which effectively strengthens the structural strength of the plastic parts. Strong anti-seismic and torsional force after repair.A variety of hard and soft plastics, external and internal components, bumpers and all other plastic products can be repaired with plastic welding systems and nails for automotive bumpers.

Main Advantage:

Advanced technology: With a maximum power of 70W. the welding repair kit can help you complete plastic welding. Nail implantation, crack welding. thermal cutting and optical fiber welding with small size, light weight and stable performance.

Easy to use: Humanized design, no training required, a few

minutes to learn how to use the plastic repair machine. One-hand

operation is fast, time-saving and labor-saving. and improves


Wide range of uses: almost every kind of plastic can be repaired. Such as plastic devices for automobiles and motorcycles bumpers. dashboards, lamp holders, plastic rings, radiators, spoilers, handles, headlights, plastic wings, etc.

Fast heating speed: easy and fast operation, fast heating of welding nails in 1-2 seconds. The machine is overheated and equipped with work indicator lights on the front of the plastic repair machine to make operation more convenient and kit, the operation is more convenient and safe.

Accessories List

5Types of Staples to meet your different needs:

50Pcs * 0.8mm Big Waves Staples (Optional)

50Pcs*0.8mm Small Wave Staples (Optional)

50Pcs * 0.6mm M Type Staples (Optional)

50Pcs * 0.8mm VType Staples (Optional)

5Pcs*1.0mm YType Staples (Optional)

 Main Technical Parameters

 Model Number


Rated Voltage

110V / 220V / 230V AC 50/60Hz

Rated Output Power


Plug Type

Type H, Type B, Type G, Type E, Type A

Input Power Cable Length

1.50m (4.9ft).

Machine Color

Blue or Black

Approval Certificate

CE(EMC,LVD),CCC, Available for COC, POVC

Net Weight

0.47KG / 1.03LB

Gross Weight

0.65G / 1.43LB,1KG,2.2LB

Packing Dimension

Paper 228*182*59mm,