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BAS-120MM Series Automatic Bandsaw Blade Flash Butt Welding Machine

Product description

Features of the Machine

BAS-120MM Series Automatic Bandsaw Blade Flash Butt Welding and Annealing Machine is designed for effective welding of Saw Blades, Steel Knifes and Steel Strips.

The advantages of this machine is precise butt weld high quality in heavy duty working load. It does not require filler material or soldering materials, welding time is very short with low energy consumption, thus lower the cost of production.

Can be used for a variety of sizes and different materials with high welding tensile strength and repeatability, fast and beautifully welded, welding joint has good compactness, no holes, much higher welding quality and speed than semi-automatic machines.

Robust machine structure design with simple and ergonomic operation, not only suitable for wooden or metal band saw industries, but also suitable for mobile repairing.

Adopt PLC and touch screen control, switching language freely, can store 99 groups welding parameters, flexibly set parameters, and high efficiency welding with counting function, and easily switch for welding different specifications of the work-piece, very convenient.

Adopt hydraulic System, welding and annealing are both full automatic, can select as Auto Mode, Semi-Auto Mode and Manual Mode.

Can add optional external infrared spectrum temperature controller for non-contact annealing temperature measurement, microcomputer controlled to ensure annealing quality.

Accessories or other specification is available according to customer’s requirement, Saw Grinding Machine and Cutter are optional.


Technical Parameter

Rated Voltage
Rated Frequency
Rated Power
Max Short Current
Rated Duty Cycle
Max Saw Width
Max Saw Thickness
Electrode Stroke
Max Clamping Force
Max Upsetting Force