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BAS-050MM Series Bandsaw Blade Butt Welding Machine

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BAS-050MM Series Bandsaw Blade Butt Welding Machine

The device is designed and produced with independent intellectual property rights for semi-automatic butt welding the band saw blade through further research and innovation according to years of experience and suggestions from the end users basing on the *German IDEAL* Saw Blade Welding Machine.

The complete set of bandsaw blade butt welding devices includes 1set of Movable Working Table,1set of Bandsaw Blade Cutting Machine,1set of Main Butt Welding Machine and 1set of Welding Seam Grinding Machine.


I.AHE-080MM Series Bandsaw Blade Shearing and Cutting Machine

1.Saw Blade Cutting Machine is designed for burr-free,no distortion,square cutting of saw blade ends.

2.Cutter knives are manufactured from special tool steel for long life with multi-blade.

3.Adjustable welding stops for matching the tooth pitch of different kind of bandsaws.

4.Handle clamping jaws for non-slip clamping of strip during cutting process.

5.Various models for different strip widths and cross sections,manually or pneumatically operated,for single or double cutting.


II. SMH-060MM Series Bandsaw Blade Welding Seam Grinding Machine

1.Grinding machines for deburring of welding seam with three-phase motor,on or off switch and working height adjustment.

2.Manual excentric clamping device and pneumatically operated clamping device are both available.

3.Infinitely variable grinding speeds by control knob.

4. Additional lever for precise adjustment of grinding head.


III.WT-1200KG Series Movable Working Table

1.Movable Table on 4 wheels and easy to move,can fix on the land by lock the wheels.

2.The drawer is used for putting and depositing hand tools or spare parts

3.Can separate into some small parts easily to save the space and convenient for delivery and transportation.

4.Can hold the weight more than 1200KG.


Ⅳ.BAS-050MM Bandsaw Blade Butt Welder Main Principle and Features

Manual clamping,the motor drives the cam to upsetting and butt welding,then annealing manually.

1.Adopt manual clamping handle device and motorized cam mechanism,no need air source and air compressor, convenient to use.

2.Butt Flash is produced by motorized cam disc.

3.Upsetting force is produced by precisely adjustable spring loaded mechanism.

4.Annealing voltage is freely adjustable and Annealing time can be set from 0 to 10 minutes.

5.Automatic pressure relief during annealing process.

6.Basing on producing request,also can install the water cooling system to the basic and key welding electrodes.


Ⅴ.Butt Welder Main Technical Parameter

Technical Parameters
Rated Power at 50% Rated Duty Cycle
Max Butt Welding Width
Wood-cutting Bandsaw Blade
Bi-metal Bandsaw Blade
Tungsten Alloy Bandsaws Blade
Stainless Steel Bandsaw Blade
H.S.S Bandsaw blade
Band knives for leather and foam
Steel Strip
Welder Approx.Weight
Over Dimension