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CSW Series Automatic Argon Arc (Plasma) Circular Seam Welding Machine

Product description

Main Features and Applications

1.Automatic Argon Arc (Plasma) Circular Seam Welding Machine mainly includes two parts : specially designed circular seam Automatic Machinery Part and Standard Welding Source Part.

2.According to the different request of each welding part, Circular seam Automatic Machinery Part can be designed as Horizontal Type and Vertical Type Circular Seam Welding Machine. Specially designed and produced by our factory.

3.Standard Welding Source Part includes TIG (tungsten inert gas shielded arc welding), MIG (metal inert gas shielded arc welding), MAG (metal active gas arc welding) SAW (submerged arc welding ), PAW(plasma arc welding), etc.

4.Automatic Machinery Part can be equipped with the standard welding source manufactured by our company, can also work with other well-known brands of welding power.

5.The Workpiece rotation driving mechanism is composed with converter motor, reduction box , and three-jaw clamp, travel steadily with step less adjustable speed.

6.Clamp axle and fixing system pressing down , releasing and retreat , welding torch’s action all are driven by air cylinders , furthermore welding torch has been equipped with precision micro-adjustment mechanism to get the best welding position.


Main Technical Parameter

Input power supply

220V/380V/440V/480V, 50/60Hz

Motor power


Gas source pressure


Max welding diameter


Welding Speed