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DW Series Cam Type Butt-Flash Welding Machine

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DW Series Cam Type Butt-Flash Welding Machine

New universal butt-flash welding machine has been successfully developed efforts of welding Technologies USA and Guangzhou DuroWelder Ltd.

This unique machine combines latest developments in welding science and the best quality components found around the world.Electromechanical drive made in USA allows super precision control of speed and upset force, exceeding even hydraulic type drives for its material range.

Welding control made by European manufacturer allows versatile weld parameters to be implemented, including annealing process when required.

Precision rails guarantee perfect alignment in between welded pieces therefore minimizing possible waste when weldments are machined.

Guang Zhou DuroWelder technicians, trained by the experts from parent Company Welding.

Technologies, demonstrate world-class craftsmanship in manufacturing process and assembly of the machine.

Butt-Flash welder can be adjusted from one type of product (e.g.30mm dia steel rods) to another (16mm dia copper squares) within minutes.

Water cooled transformer available as 100KVA option along with water cooled SCR and Jaws provide comfortable conditions for heavy duty application when high rate of production is required.

This universal butt-flash welder can be ideal in situations when manufacturer has to produce small batches of weldments made of various sizes and material.


Main Parameters

100KVA option welds 30mm dia mild steel, or 20mm dia copper rod.

200KVA option increases range of welded parts by 40%.

Water cooling flow
Air Pressure
Clamping Force
Upset force