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KN95 Mask Production Line

Product description

The whole production line includes

1.    Semi-automatic film machine

2.    Nose clip welding machine

3.    Semi-automatic ear band welding machines

4.    Semi-automatic V-shaped edge banding machines

KN95 mask manufacturing steps

1. Incoming material embossing, cutting and forming: unwinding material, three layers of non-woven fabric, one layer of velvet cloth, knurled cutting, forming once, knurled cutting and forming samples

2. Nose bridge support: Install the nose bridge support on the sheet mask through the viscous device. Nose bridge support: length: 9mm width: 5mm.

3. Ultrasonic welding ear wire: manual single-point welding ear wire, one mask with four welding points, it takes about 6 seconds to complete the ear wire welding work of a mask.

4. Forming by folding and crimping: the part of the right side is pressed after being opened.

1. Semi-automatic filming

Semi-automatic filming machine introduction: This machine has automatic feeding, built-in nose bridge, knurling, rolling cutting function.

Capacity: 30-50 tablets per minute, 24 hours a day operating capacity up to 50,000 tablets.

Adopt open design, man-machine combination, convenient debugging and maintenance. Easy to operate, low cost, strong and durable.

Production Rate


Mask layer

2-3 layers

Rated Power






2. Nose clip welding machine

KN95 mask nose clip welding machine is mainly suitable for folding masks, cup-shaped mask nose clip line, nose clip electro-thermal wave welding and bonding, replacing the traditional manual bonding.

This equipment is driven by pneumatic principle and electro-thermal heating device. The positioning of the nose clip clamp is accurate, the operation is simple, the adhesion and the strength are strong, and the efficiency is high. It is the ideal equipment for the manufacturing industry of KN95, N95, cup type, GB2626 dust masks.


1. The designed welding operation of the nose clip is simple to use the principle of pneumatic propulsion;

2. The mask mold positioning and quasi-welding have good shape and strong firmness;

3. It is not necessary to repeat multiple times for welding once, and it does not damage the surface of N95 mask.

Equipment specifications:

Adult Size

Aluminum 90mm, KN95

Children Size

Aluminum 75mm, KN95

Production Rate



220V 1ph 500W


20Khz 6A

Applicable width






3. Semi-automatic ear band welding machine

The semi-automatic ear band welding machine is manually loaded and the motor rotates.

The production capacity is 15-25 tablets per minute, and the operation capacity is more than 21,000 tablets 24 hours a day.

The equipment is easy to operate, adopts automatic induction and foot switch type, automatically cuts the ear strap line, automatic alignment, automatic welding, and quickly meets product quality requirements.

Model number


Rated voltage

220V 1ph 2000W



Spot size

Within 10mm

Working speed

15-25 times/min






4. Semi-automatic V-shaped edge banding machine

Semi-automatic V-shaped edge banding machine manual feeding, using high-quality 20K 2000W ultrasonic.

Production Rate: 20-25pcs / min, with a production capacity of more than 28,000 pieces 24 hours a day.

The equipment is easy to operate, using automatic induction and foot switch type.