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US-20K 2000W Ultrasonic System

Product description

Ultrasonic system 

The new digital ultrasonic power generator uses a 4-core 32-bit processor and uses the 485 communication protocol. It has three welding modes: time, energy and grounding; it can automatically track and display the real-time frequency, and has an amplitude step function, and the welding amplitude range can reach 10-100 (1% accuracy). There is also amplitude compensation to control your welding quality in real time. There are also transducer voltage protection, mold impedance analysis and protection, power input voltage and power consumption overload protection to protect your equipment. Powerful, excellent quality and high welding stability. Equipped with multiple output interfaces and extended functions, it can be widely used in mask production equipment, plastic, metal welding, cutting, industrial cleaning, and PLC automation.

The ultrasonic system of the mask machine is composed of an ultrasonic generator (ultrasonic electric box), ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic welding head, and booster. It is the core welding part of the mask machine. It is used for welding around the mask, nose bridge, and ear wire welding. ; One-to-one, one-to-two automatic and semi-automatic mask machines are extremely common.

Ultrasonic matching electric box for mask machine is divided into 15k 2600W continuous vibration and 20k 2000W gap vibration.

Continuous vibration is mainly used for welding of mask pieces, gap vibration is mainly used for welding of ear strap lines, generally a mask machine needs 5-6 sets of ultrasonic supporting equipment, 1-2 continuous vibration (different design requirements are not Same), 4 sets of gap vibrations are used for welding the ear wire.

◇ Real-time frequency automatic tracking display; ◇ Welding mode: time, energy, grounding

◇ Amplitude step function ◇ Welding amplitude 10-100 adjustable (1% accuracy)

◇ Amplitude compensation; ◇ Mold impedance analysis + protection

◇ Overload protection; ◇ Voltage protection (input)

◇ Transducer voltage protection; ◇ 485 communication

◇ 4-core 32-bit processor;


Product name:

Ultrasonic system

Product model:


Scope of application

special for mask production equipment

Applicable materials:

Ultrasonic materials such as non-woven fabrics and melt-blown fabrics

Frequency specification:

15K ,20K

Chassis size:

length 495mm * width 390mm * height 160mm

Power consumption:

220V, 50HZ

Total weight: