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TR-1KW Series Portable Tyre Regroover

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The Tyre Regroover is mainly used for recutting and regrooving the truck or tractor type by the resistance heating way,it is one kind of very useful tool for big tyre,especially for truck solid tire and other rubber product to regrove and reuse.


Very easy to use and control:

The Portable Regrooving Machine with lower weight is an easy to use and comfortable pocket-sized tool for regrooving various tyres and rubber sheet.

To cut different size of tyre groove,the output heating power is digital adjustable through output voltage knob by stepless way,the setted value of output voltage is displayed on the controlling panel by LCD screen,can cut the rubber very easily.


High performance and multi-functions:To meet different kinds of tyre groove request,the tire grooving equipment comes with 10 kinds of tire blades including U-type and V-type blades which can cut the groove in rubber with width from 2 mm to 10 mm and depth from 9mm to 14mm as the following form:


(R-1,R-2,R-3,R-4,R-5;W-1,W-2,W-3,W-4,W-5) as following:

The cutting grooves in rubber from 3-20mm wide and 7-16 mm deep. The low weight of the regrooving machine and the individual heating control for the blades allow effortless cutting.