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PRM-6KW DC Pulse Auto Body Dent Repairing Machine

Product description

Auto Body Dent Repairing Machine, also named as Dents Puller, is a very useful device for repairing concave sheet metal.

Adopted intelligent control and liquid crystal display(LCD),the power can be adjusted steplessly.

It has eight sheet metal repair functions,sucn as Triangle Washer Welding, Ring Washer Welding, OT Sheet Welding, Stub Welding, Carbon Heating, Steel Plate Flattening,Spot Welding and Wave Wire Welding,and so on.

Can replace different welding molds and welding accessories, and can switch freely through NC keys,very simple and convenient.


Main Descriptions and Advantages

1.Working principle: The resistance heat generated when low voltage and high current flows through the car sheet metal and auxiliary pull riveting is used to melt the metal in the contact part, and the squeezing force of the welding torch electrode is used to fuse them together to achieve the purpose of welding.

2.Function: Welding meson (medium for pulling), single-sided welding, electric heating, carbon rod repair and heating, steel plate leveling, etc.

3.Features: Very easy to carry since it is small size and light weight. The device with high power and low energy consumption, fast welding speed and small heating range, metal is not easily deformed, simple and convenient operation, complete functions, and can quickly repair the dents.

4.Advantages: Regardless of the structure of the car body, different media can be welded in the dents and repaired by pulling. It integrates various welding and heating functions which brings convenience to the car body shaping and repairing.