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PDR Series Auto Body Dent Removal Induction Heater

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1.PDR (Paintless Dent Removal) Series Hotbox Magnetic Induction Dent Removal System, can remove the small Dents, Door Dings and Other Minor Soft Dents on vehicles quickly and cleanly, which has a digital screen and relative control for both time and power settings.


2.No need additional and extra material,Induction Dent Removal System will remove a variety of soft and small dents easily by flameless heating the panel behind the paint from the outside of the panel, relieving the stress holding the dent and lifting the dent through induction thermal expansion, especially in hard-to-reach areas, or areas difficult to get behind.


3.It is one kind of fast, convenient and professional tool specially designed for professional PDR vehicles body shop workers, which can save time during a repair process.


4.Therefore the Induction Dent Removal System is the profitable choice for Auto Body Repairing Shop to remove the softer dent.