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PDR-R Series Both Aluminum and Steel Plate Auto Body Dent Removal Equipment

Product description

PDR-R is a new type of dual-purpose repairing tool for both aluminum and iron auto body dents. It can repair large and small dents on the metal surface in a short time, easily and quickly remove various dents, especially large dents, and solved and overcame the problem that the standard aluminum and iron plate dent repairing equipment cannot remove the large dent of the automobile sheet metal.

Compared with the electromagnetic dent repair instrument, it can level more obvious dents, with better effect and larger repair range.

As a PDR technical personnel maintenance tools, the main application is various sizes of dents and soft dents. Spray, as one kind of simple and good tool that can repair most of the dents, it can also be operated as a desirable product in any auto repairing tool shop and store.

Since there is no need to remove the paint on the outer layer of sheet metal, it can also be used to repair excessively stretched aluminum and iron car bodies.

Main Features

Small and light,easy to carry; independent and adjustable output voltage and output power control modes are helpful for repairing dents of different shapes, and it has a buzzer sound and digital display function, which can accurately control the repair voltage And power.

Repair Principle

The resistance heat is generated quickly and concentratedly by repairing the handle, so that the dent is stretched and repaired by itself.

Application Range

Smooth sheet metal dents, dents in non-edge areas, dents hit by hail and various other dents, etc.


Main Technical Parameters


Input voltage

Input Current

Output Power

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PDR-R 220V





Type H,

Type B,

Type G,

Type E





PDR-R 110V