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PGM Series Automatic Rolling Type Hydraulic Pipe Grooving Machine

Product description

Features of the Machine

Roll Groover,also called Steel Tube Bamboo Joint Forming Machine.

Channeling Machine,is mainly used for processing bamboo joint and groove on metal tube, widely applied in the production of the rack, shelf, wardrobe frame, hardware appliances, lighting, decoration, handicrafts,Home Furnishing,and so on.

The equipment adopts hydraulic cylinder positioning,motor driven rotation, machinery gear drive and PLC microcomputer control,structure compact,
operation stable,convenient maintenance,high precision,simple operation:only need to load the round tube into the two rolls,then OK.It is an ideal equipment for tube beautification processing.

According to customer needs,different size of metal tube,different bamboo joint pitch and groove shape, also can produce the machine specially with different rolling mould and channeling cutter.


Main Technical Parameters

Rated Voltage
380V or Customized AC 3PH 50/60Hz
Rated Power
Input Air Pressure
More than 0.2Mpa
Pipe Length
750mm x 1000mm x 1500mm
Producing Speed
20-30Pipes /Min
Overall Dimensions
Machine Weight