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TRM Series Automatic Copper Tube Mouth Reducing Machine

Product description

Features of the Machine

1.Automatic Tube Mouth Reducing Machine is specially designed to prepare tubes for Butt welding of dissimilar materials.

2.It is used to reduce mouth of copper tube for butt-welding in the Automatic Copper and Aluminium Tube Butt Welding Machines.

3.Automatic Tube Mouth Reducing Machine can be used for mouth reduction of any other metal, such as steel, aluminium , etc.

4.Machine is very easy to operate and move around due to a compact size and convenient access to work area.

5.Outside diameter of tube after reducing cycle has very attractive appearance polished look and uniformed size.

6.Repeatability and accuracy is very good all pieces produced with set adjustment are identical in size and appearance.

7.Different diameter requirements require mold replacement dedicated to that size.


Main Technical Parameters

Input Voltage
3 Phase 220-480VAC、50/60Hz
Motor Power
Tube Diameter