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ST-EFM Series Spinning Type Automatic Pipe End Flaring Machine

Product description

Main Characteristics and Applications

Trumpet Tube End is often used in the pipe connecting and welding of the condenser and evaporator.

As to the flaring shape,the size should be proper,too big size will cause crack, too small size leads to insufficient contact area,it should be uniform, smooth, no scratches, no burr.

Automatic Pipe End Flaring Machine is mainly used for machining the copper or aluminum pipe end into flaring shape by high speed spinning and pressing way,compared with the mechanical forging way,the tube end will be much more smooth, flat, no rupture.


Main Technical Parameters

Copper & Al Pipe Diameter
Copper & Al Pipe Length
Driving Mode
Pneumatic or Electrical
Processing Mode
Producing and Processing Efficiency
1-5 Seconds/PC
Input Voltage
220V / 380V / 440V / 480V, 50/60Hz
Machine Weight